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Barry APC is a litigation law firm dedicated to its clients’ individual needs and goals. Barry APC vigorously prosecutes and defends its clients’ cases at the highest level of legal service. Its fundamental core value is to provide outstanding service at the highest standards.The firm’s principal, Su Barry, has over ten years of litigation experience and is known for her experience, energy and work ethic.

She is a trial attorney trained under some of San Diego’s most decorated and notable trial attorneys. She has been involved in litigating some of San Diego’s highest-profiled cases, including several well publicized and multi-million dollar trial verdicts and settlements.

Barry APC approaches each case with focused attention and defined goals in order to best serve its clients’ needs.

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Client Testimonials

Fantastic Lawyer Su and her firm were very efficient in taking care of my bicycle injury suite. She was prompt in getting back to me and I know that I would not have been satisfied and confident in my result had I not used her firm. I would absolutely go back to her firm again in the future.


Brilliant Lawyer
Su Barry was able to settle my two complicated cases when other lawyers could not! I was very impressed with her whole team and would use her firm again!


Su will be your greatest advocate
I spoke with so many lawyers and felt doomed until I found Su. While the lawyers I talked to prior seem to only look for easier cases, she welcomed the challenge. She helped our family immensely. She taught me things you can't Google. She's thorough, professional, and communicates in a timely manner while others may leave you hanging. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer for the job! A+++


I was recommended to contact Atty. Su Barry for my personal injury case. Atty. Barry was the third hired attorney on my complicated case. She was very helpful in progressing my argument. She was very hands on and quickly learned the ins and outs of my intricate case. She literally had only 6 days to meet a deadline after signing with her firm and was able to review and draft my final complaint and actually file it in Federal Court. I can attest to Atty. Barry’s strong work ethic, diligence, and promptness responding to clients. Throughout the duration of my case, Atty. Barry kept me always informed and up to speed. She was very thorough, professional, and transparent about her work and specifically the matters concerning my case. Her honesty and dedication never ceased while she was representing me. Atty. Barry successfully settled my case where I was able to avoid huge medical and court fees. She painstakingly analyzed my case and strategically enabled me to settle at the highest amount through her successful negotiation skills. Her expertise, experience, and conscientious characteristics attest to her being a highly skilled attorney in her field. I highly recommend Atty. Barry as she has provided great customer service, phenomenal legal advice, and strong representation. I will never forget Atty. Barry and the wonderful experience I had under her representation. I sincerely thank her for the rest of my life.


I am writing this review of Su Barry without being asked. I hired Ms. Barry at the suggestion of a retired Superior Court Judge who is a friend of mine. I asked him for a referral for a good, honest attorney that could help me regarding a business litigation matter. Su was the first person he recommend. I could not be happier. Not only is she honest, and extremely competent but she always returned calls quickly and was realistic in putting forth expectations. She was aggressive when the circumstances needed and non-confrontational at other times. She was a good strategist and attempted to resolve our business issues in a manner that was considerate of my monetary expenditures. We were very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Ms. Barry for anyone that needed counsel and advice in business or personal injury circumstances. I would definitely use her services again without any hesitation. She is the best attorney that I have used throughout my career.


I hired Su Barry to represent me in a dispute between me (contractor) and a client about a commercial project I did for them. They were threatening to sue me for a lot of money when I hired Su. I communicated to her the facts of the case and she communicated with my past client. Su brought in outside experts in the field to inspect the work completed, which she compared with the contracts that had been agreed upon. She was able to show that the majority of the liability in this matter was with the client and not with my company. She was very professional and communicated with me throughout the process the likely and possible outcomes of each step we took. Su recommended we offer to settle out of court for a minuscule amount. She saved my business with her expertise and experience. Su showed me that she stands up for what is right and that she has the knowledge and skills to clearly communicate to both sides of a dispute the facts of the case. I will recommend her to family/friends as well as business associates who may be in need of representation.


Great attorney, great result Su and her firm did a great job representing me in my personal injury bicycle incident. She was extremely professional and helped coordinate with a 3rd-party claimant so I did not have to worry about it. In the end, I was happy with the settlement I received and am confident that Su fought for me every step of the way. Su Barry has represented me in a few cases over the past 10 years including personal injury, insurance litigation, and most recently a contract dispute. As a business owner, it was very helpful to have an attorney that was so organized which kept me ahead of any deadlines. Su has always been informative about all of my options and the risks involved in each situation. Su was able to produce positive outcomes in each of my cases avoiding costly litigation even recovering her legal fees from the opposing side. I have and will continue to refer people to her for any legal advice or services.


I have been a business owner for over 10 years. With this comes the need for a great attorney. Allowing Su to represent me in a recent product liability case was the best decision I ever made. Su’s calm and patient demeanor helped me through this difficult time. She followed up with me on every little detail of the case, and helped me understand the process. Thanks to Su’s expertise, hard work and dedication the outcome was better then I ever imagined. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done.


I have known Su for 7 years, and I’ve engaged her for my businesses and personally on several occasions for matters pertaining to personal injury defense, contract reviews, commercial landlord/tenant disputes and a whole range of other issues. She is smart, reliable and always attentive to clients. She does a great job of framing legal issues (risks, opportunities, costs, etc). I would recommend Su without hesitation if you require legal representation.


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